Body IntergrationCongratulations! You are thinking about connecting deeper into Divine Spiritual Living.  All sessions are customized to your needs and comfort level.

Energetic Field Clearing-

A great way to enhance your healing journey is with a energetic scan of your body/field.  You will be at home in a comfortable 1 hour meditation.  This process will clear any pieces that are out of alignment.

Have you ever felt….

  • Something is going on and I am not sure what
  • My health issue is making me feel off in other areas
  • One of my chakra is blocking my life force

After scan is done a follow up email and/or phone call to discuss what came up and any personalized practices (affirmations, prayers, meditations, and more).  This will help in releasing stuck energy and recreate what you truly desire.

The 4 Bodies Integration-

Taking your healing to the next level is working with the four bodies, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.  Each of our bodies plays a role in our life and needs healing….

  • The physical body attaches to our experiences.
  • The emotional body relates to our feelings.
  • The mental body links to our thoughts.
  • The spiritual body connects to our beliefs.

Have you ever experienced reoccurring themes in relationships or unfulfilling habits?   Have you ever experienced growth in one area of life not in all?  When a traumatic event occurs; we shape our experiences, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs around that event.  When you release trauma and stuck energy in all 4 bodies you will . . .

  • Spirituality- regain your faith, guidance, or destiny
  • Emotionally- release unfulfilling emotions and bring in pure love, joy and harmony
  • Mentally-no longer hold yourself back and choose what is best for you and your life
  • Physically – understand the wake-up call of  disease, illness, aches, and pains then release it and heal your body

Through learning what to look for, you can learn how to self heal.  In the process you will form personalized practice to connect within your 4 bodies by utilizing tools that work you and your lifestyle.  By recreating your experiences, emotions, thoughts and beliefs; you will live the life we always wanted.

Soul Memory Discovery-

Going even deeper into your healing journey is understanding what is truly in your soul and letting go of anything that is blocking your energy.  To gain a clearer understanding of self and experiences on a spiritual level and connecting with your higher self and guidance teams.

Session #1:

Do you feel that there is something blocking you from taking the next step in life?  If you have ever experienced……………..

  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trouble with addiction
  • A loss of a friend or family member
  • Blocked energy from flowing, creating, and completing

A field clearing will help to understand and release through your energetic field.  I can help you to communicate something with a passed on relative or friend or understand what they are trying to communicate with you.  We can spiritually cone and shield your energetic field.  You will feel euphoric, clear and ready to create your destiny.

Session #2:
Do you feel that there is something blocking you from creating the life you desired?  If you have ever been stuck in……

  • A karmic pattern and unreleased trauma
  • Unbalanced male and/or female energies
  • A déjà-vu or a past life and it’s happening again
  • Taking on everyone’s energies
  • Feeling like part of my soul is missing

Once karma, patterns, past lives, and other energy processes are complete you will feel free and in harmony to design a life you have always wanted.

Session #3:
Who have you been and what are you here to do? If you have ever questioned……

  • Did I know someone in a past life, what was the relationship, and what are you here to do now?
  • Who have I been in a past life and how can I connect with my wisdom?
  • Do I have more than 1 soul?
  • Who are my master guides?
  • What is my purpose or mission in this life time?

Now you are in Divine Spiritual Living and have an understanding of who you are, have been, and here to do.  With help fromyour guidance and angelic teams you will have clear direction in creating what is next for you.

Session#4 and More:
Creating a personalized spiritual practice through sacred prayer and guided meditation.  If you have ever wondered how can I draw in more………

  • Harmony
  • Trust
  • Hope
  • Faith
  • Grace
  • Compassion
  • Peace

You will be able to create a personalized spiritual practice for yourself!  Call in energies you need as you need them.   Be blessed with the people and resources to help you create and bring you even closer to your destiny!

Much Love and Light!


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