How do I know what services I need?

I can set up a free 30 minute call where we will discuss what is going on in life and what services best match your needs.

What will come up in my sessions?

I always customize sessions to clients needs, typically clients gain clarity around relationships with Source, self, love, money, and work.  Healing for heart, soul, mind, and body and a deeper understanding of spirituality customized for you.  Clarity and releasing of the past, insight into your destiny, and a clear place to create the life you have always wanted.

How are sessions performed?

Initial interview is completed over phone or email.  Most sessions are done over the phone and local San Diego, CA sessions are available.   Other sessions and processes will be completed by me then followed with a phone call and/or email.

What will I experience during or after a session?

Durning session clients experience relaxation, clarity, releasing, and/or euphoric sensations.   After a session some clients need to sleep, rehydrate or replenish body.

How is information channeled during the session?

Depending on your comfort level, we will work through your energetic field, spiritual guidance team (consists of master guides, guides, guardian angels and other teams of light) and memories of traumatic events that changed your life.   If memories are not clear we will work with meditation to gain clarity.

What will I come away with after a session?

Enlightenment, transcripts of session, customized practices (affirmations, meditations, or prayers), a follow up email and/or phone call.

What if I am not comfortable with certain spiritual beliefs?

All sessions will be customized to client needs and beliefs.  We will explore as deep as client is comfortable with.  I have worked with clients from non spiritual backgrounds to all types of religious beliefs.

What is Divine Spiritual Living?

Being connected to ourselves and our Source to create the life we have always wanted.    Our Source wants for us to experience love, joy, and abundance.   Through hardships in life sometimes we forget.   A session will help you to release hardships, call in what you need, connect with your destiny, and experience Divine Spiritual Living.


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