Desiree Meza

My Mission is to Guide you to Divine Spiritual Living and help to you to Awaken to True Love, Joy, and Abundance.

I was in the corporate world for over a decade building and growing million dollar books of business in record setting time.  I was running a multi-million dollar team to amazing revenue growth.  I had the money and material possessions I desired.  I was surrounded with friends and loved ones.  I felt empty, lost, numb, and soul-less.

I had spent the last decade in self-development learning.  I took a chance on something new and booked a spiritual coaching appointment.  In my session, I received clarity dealing with myself and my relationships.  That day changed my life and started me on my self discovery and spiritual journey.

In my journey, I had to travel back to all the places where it began.  At a young age I had made some decisions that shaped my world…

  • If I was busy with a smile on my face, no one would ever find what was truly going on inside.
  • If I ignored my needs and feelings by putting everyone’s needs ahead of mine, I could hide.

These choices brought me to the point where I had to seek answers and commit to healing myself.  I began to..….

  • Forgive myself for my mistakes and I learned how to truly accept and love myself
  • I stopped making choices that hurt me and began to make choices that support my highest good
  • After I redefined my all relationships and created the life I truly desired

I now choose each day as an opportunity to love, know and heal myself.  Amazing opportunities, people, money, and other resources started showing up easily.  My journey inspired me to help others.  I am pursuing my passion of coaching, writing and speaking.  I now have an even deeper connection with my family and friends.  I am grateful for the lessons and my teachers along the way.  I am here to help you to create the life you always desired.

Much Love and Light!


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