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Divian Spiritual LivingWelcome to Divine Spiritual Living. Awakening to Love, Joy and Abundance on Your Sacred Journey!

Whether you are spiritually aware or just starting in on your healing journey, I am here to to help you connect in however it’s most comfortable for you.

Have you just started  or have been on a voyage of self discovery for sometime reading books, taking courses and seeking coaching?   Have you seen results in certain areas of your life however not in all aspects, than get unmotivated and quit?  This is where finding your true self was what you have been looking for all along!

Grasping the concept of having 4 bodies:  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body and that each body connects with our experiences, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.  When you go through tough experiences in life energy becomes stuck in each body and each body needs different healing.

By staying connected and releasing these energies, you can create fulfilling habits, thoughts, feelings, and practices all with ease and grace.  You can create the life you have always wanted.  Through your journey with me; you can connect too…..

  • What energies needed to be released and how to self-heal
  • A deeper understanding of your Heart, Soul, Mind and Body
  • Divine blessings of people, money, and resources here to help you
  • What you are truly here to do and how to get there

Have you ever wondered how did I . . .

  • Block my true feelings or saying “yes” when I wanted to say “no”
  • End up in another unfulfilling relationship with myself, work, partners, friends and family members
  • Experience moments of pure love, joy and abundance however the majority of moments were challenging and uncomfortable

You will started to realize that Your Source (God, Goddess, The Universe, Allah, Buddha, Divine One or Your Higher Self)….

  • Gave you dreams, ideas, and inspirations to be brought to life
  • Wanted you to experience love, joy and abundance all the time
  • Blessed you with a incredible heart, soul, mind and body to do everything you envisioned

By  understanding yourself; spiritually, emotional, mentally and physically you will recreated your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and beliefs.  You will be experiencing love, joy and harmony more and more.  You will to see your destiny and while being provided for and blessed all along the way.

If what you are reading is resonating with you, I am here to be of assistance.  Where ever you are at and whatever pace you are ready to begin.  Let me help you . . .

  • Clear out anything that is blocking your light
  • Help you to heal your heart, soul, mind, and body
  • Draw in the people, money  and other resources to recreate your life
  • Create a practices and tools that work for you and your lifestyle
  • Be taken care of while you are healing yourself and finding your true calling in life

I look forward to connecting with you and seeing how I can be of service!

Much Love and Light!




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